Romanian Ceremony Beliefs

A wedding is one of the few occasions when romanian people truly go all out and clothing up. Fancy suit for men, dresses and gowns for women and attired locks and detailed nails are all the norm. The function is also a time to bring products of cash and provides for the bride and groom, which they collect as they leave the church and dining welcome.

After the cake is served a unique dance known as “hora” is performed. The wedding and all feminine visitors start to party. Gentlemen is visit but they have to pay a small sum of money and the collected sum goes to the wedding.

Close to the end of the wedding welcome a convention is performed whereby the princess’s aunt takes off the bridal mask. The wedding is supposed to fail and ‘ struggle’ against it ( three instances at least ) and then she is ultimately allowed to take off the scarf. This is to express the move from a girl to a committed woman who will take care of her husband and potential babies.

If you are invited to a romanian bridal you can expect a very much night of drinking and eating. It is not uncommon for the party to last up to 10 days and there are generally 4 programs plus snack. It is very important to wear comfortable shoes as there will be a lot of dance and a lot of food and drinks served. There may be special occasions during the gathering too such as the one girl who catches the bridal flowers and the singly guy who catches the badge.

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